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RRT NZ & Eeny Meeny School Stationery Program

Many New Zealand schools and families cannot afford basic stationery for their children to learn at school, which is essential in preparing them for their future.

This year RRT NZ has worked together with Eeny Meeny to provide the essential stationery items for children in need.

Manurewa West Primary school in Auckland is an example of one school that RRT and Eeny Meeny have donated stationary too. This school has students from year 0 to year 6.

Manurewa West Primary is a decile 2 School.

They receive funding from the government; however, the demands are more than what they receive. Manurewa West Primary School Deputy Principal, Komal Singh said “every little assistance we get goes a long way helping our school community.”

The mission of RRT is “To serve people with care and compassion in times of need.” This initiative is all about providing children with equal opportunities to learn, a need that RRT recognised and was passionate to help with. It allows children from less fortunate families to be able to afford the stationary they need for school. Eeny Meeny is a specialist stationary supplier so they have joined up with RRT to enable this initiative to roll out throughout New Zealand to these schools.

An example of a stationary pack provided to students.

Eeny Meeny is all about supporting schools and school staff around New Zealand. School stationery and art supplies are an integral part of learning for students, they can’t properly learn without it. Unfortunately, the cost of stationary can sometimes be prohibitive for families.

RRT volunteer Lee West hands stationary pack to a Manurewa West Student.

“The kind gesture of Eeny Meeny and RRT has made it possible for us to not charge any of our children for stationary this year, this means more money in the pockets of the parents and care givers” said Deputy Principal Komal Singh.

Lee West, RRT Team Leader said “We have had such a positive response from the schools. Eeny Meeny and RRT will certainly be looking to work together to roll this out throughout New Zealand to see who else can make use of it.”

Over 2000 students across 8 schools have benefited from $20,000 worth of stationary donated by RRT NZ.

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