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RRT and UBT Accountants join forces to support Mental Health Awareness

At UBT Accountants, their staff are passionate supporters of the Rapid Relief Team (RRT) and helping people in their local community who are in need. A team of staff from our Hawera office recently took part in a community day hosted by Tui- Ora, in support of mental health awareness week.

UBT Accountants and Tui-Ora Volunteers, ready to race!

The event was held in the form of a Basketball Tournament which was for open anyone create a team, and play.  The day was focused on giving it a go, the power of teamwork, and just getting out there, and it was inspiring to see young and old, fit and weak all working together and supporting each other during the games. Most importantly, the event also provided a positive environment for those suffering from mental health to reach out, and access help and support.  

Game in action! Participants enjoying the team spirit.

UBTA staff put their cooking skills to good use assisting the Rapid Relief Team {hyperlink to website}, to keep the hungry basketball players, and their enthusiastic spectators well nourished.

Gavvy Mangat, cooking up a storm.

UBTA Account Manager (and legendary burger cook), Mark Prestidge commented; “This was my first time helping at an event like this and it’s a real privilege to be able to help and be appreciated by the various people who had come along to the event.”

The TuiOra organisers were very appreciative of the food and refreshments donated by RRT/UBTA. This provided all participants with a hearty nutritious meal, of which some do not get very often:  “It was a great opportunity for our staff to get out of the office, provide a helping hand to a local charity and show to the community that they care about those in need.” 

Participants catch a breath of fresh air along with a hearty burger!

Another volunteer on the day said “I was impressed with the way RRT did it, everything was so well thought out and organised even providing seating for the hungry customers and rubbish bins for scraps.’

Thank you UBTA, we’re looking forward to your team helping out again!

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