Family Food Boxes

New Zealand

Towards the end of 2018, our New Zealand branch came across a tangible need, where food was not directly available in cases of domestic violence. Using the Police Force as their distribution channel the provision of non-perishable foods to feed a family of 4-5 seemed a necessity, tying them over a 24 hour period until further assistance and support could be provided.

NZ Testimonial: “The police took a food box to the house and provided breakfast for the hungry kids! It was such a good feeling to help provide for these children and it also enabled time or support services to engage with the family in order to guide them back to financial independence”


In Australia, RRT found charitable organizations that address domestic violence situations daily (e.g Mission Australia, etc..) to be the greatest channel to use for distribution of our Family Food Boxes. Although the Police Force has taken it forward in remote rural areas of Australia where resources are at a premium.

AU Testimonial: (Mission Australia supporting a single mum, recently escaped DV) “Her children didn’t eat the night before as she didn’t have any food in the cupboard. When she was handed the box she began crying and said she did not know how they would have made it through the week without it”