RRT Family Food Boxes distributed to NZ families in need

Healthy, Nutritious and Filling!

Providing food for a family of four for 24 hours

Third delivery to Christchurch Police

February 2020

Family Food Box

5,082 families benefited to date

Family Food Box – helping officers, help our community. Every year, thousands of Kiwi families are struggling to make ends meet with continual rising costs of housing, schooling and everyday food necessities. Sadly, this often results in family violence and situations where police become involved.

The RRT Family Food Box is an alternative way that Police Officers can help bring in relief to families in need. Often situations arise due to a lack of money in the household to provide food for the children.

RRT have chosen a selection of nutritious and healthy everyday food items to provide enough food to feed a family for 1-2 days.

RRT donate Family Food Boxes to various Police stations throughout New Zealand, and these are handed to vulnerable families in times of desperate need.

We believe this is one way to show genuine kindness and help to Kiwis in need.

Keep reading below to hear stories from grateful Family Food Box recipients.

5,082 Family Food Boxes distributed to date

October 2018 - April 2020

News Update

Lifeline for desperate family

News Update

Cookies third delivery to Christchurch Police


New Zealand Police, Papakura

A woman was at her home address in Papakura. She has financial problems and threatened to hang herself when a discussion with WINZ did not go her way.

Police attended the incident and also identified that suicide & depression runs through the family. She was also grieving the loss of her grandson from last year.

Police organised counselling services and provided a food box as the cupboards were bare.

Mental health is becoming a major part of our job and having the tools i.e. RRT Emergency Foodbank to do the job goes a long way to the communities perception of Police wanting to help.


New Zealand Police, Papakura

A female who suffers from cerebral palsy was at the Takanini train station on her way to Papakura.

She was attacked from behind and her rent money taken from her.

She jumped onto the train with the attacker in pursuit.

At the Papakura Train station she was attacked again then made her way to the Police front counter to report the incident.

The Police officer provided a food box to console her.


Police attending a domestic violence situation

The police took a food box to the house and provided breakfast for the hungry kids! It was such a good feeling to help provide for these children and it also enabled time for support services to engage with the family in order to guide them back to financial independence.


NZ Police Attending a Family Dispute

Upon opening the given food box the person was so overwhelmed he flung his arms around the constable and gave him a huge hug. The experience had a massive impact on both the receiver and the officer. It is amazing how a little kindness goes a long way


New Zealand Police, Waikato

I have delivered a number of food parcels to  whanau and community providers in the Waikato north catchment.
The parcels have been a useful resource to enable us to engage and strengthen relationships with whanau in need.
I believe a large majority of our whanau offend due to poverty and simply not having enough food available. Hopefully we can help to reduce this offending by removing the need to offend.

Being able to provide kai to whanau is a humbling experience. The families I have visited have been extremely grateful to receive the parcels, some almost in tears – this highlights that there is a need in our community.

It has also been beneficial to strengthen a number of relationships with our community partners who also deal with our whanau at need.

Keep up the good work! And I hope these parcels will be a sustainable resource moving forward.


New Zealand Police, Hawkes Bay

We had a really great experience with the boxes the other week that I have been meaning to tell you about.

A female in her late 20’s with three children had no food. The father had been arrested and was not able to return to the house.

The children had been eating only very small amounts of food and the mother hadn’t eaten for three days.

After we found out about the altercation that took place at the address, the Family Harm Team went to the address with two boxes of food.

The female broke down and hugged the police and couldn’t thank the Police and RRT enough for the food that was given.

This meant the mother and all the children could eat what they actually needed to instead of limiting their intake and trying to stretch what little food they had until their next pay day.


Department of Corrections, Huntley

I gave out our first food pack yesterday – hardly had time to hit the shelf. 

My first recipient is temporarily without a benefit and has been telling me he has no food and no income. He has also been feeding children of local families, who he is aware are not getting needs met due to parent issues.

It is against our department policy to personally give (or accept) money or gifts, but sometime it is very hard to have no way to give to those in need. Having a box we will also have the ability to slip in a little extra (such as clothing for children) without breaking company policy.

Thank you SO much.


New Zealand Police, Papakura

At about 8:00am on the 30th of November 2019 Police arrived at an address in Otahuhu do conduct a welfare check on a male who had threatened to kill himself the day before.

After speaking to the man for some time it was discovered he was not serious about taking his own life but was instead isolated, depressed and not coping with difficulties he was facing in his life.

Police noticed his house was in disrepair, he was in shabby clothing, he was quite skinny and said he had no money for essentials.

Police gave the man a food parcel from the Otahuhu Police Station to hopefully remove one of the stressors from his life.

When he received the food he was very appreciative and made a comment that he could actually have breakfast now.


New Zealand Police, Christchurch

She was the victim of a very serious assault that resulted in hospitalisation.  She could not go back home as it was the subject of a scene examination and required to be cleaned prior to returning.  She was staying with a friend for a few days before a more permanent arrangement could be made.  A food parcel was provided to her.  She was very grateful as she said that this will fill a big gap for her until her winz payment comes in.


New Zealand Police, Christchurch

Today Todd and I delivered an RRT food parcel to a woman. She had been put into a motel last week when her ex was released from Jail. Today she returned to her home so we went to do a welfare check and give her the food parcel. She was absolutely delighted and said “thank you, you guys are the best”. We both were given a hug as well!