Supporting New Zealand's Emergency Services

New Zealand’s Emergency Services

New Zealand is renowned for bushfires, earthquakes and flooding – and some years seem kinder on us than others. Where would we be without the dedicated efforts of New Zealand’s emergency services?

The Rapid Relief Team offers a unique catering support service to New Zealand’s emergency services. Over time, we have mobilised and streamlined our operations to respond with immediacy and efficiency to natural disasters across New Zealand.

Our volunteers are trained and accredited to set up catering tents at base camps – designated as safe zones by emergency services crews. Our operations are governed by WHS requirements. Our catering services also offer support at training events for fire brigades across the country.

Port Hill Fires 2017

The 2017 Port Hill fires were wildfires in the Port Hills of Christchurch, New Zealand. Two separate fires, several kilometres apart, started on Monday afternoon 13th March. The Rapid Relief team were soon to the rescue, preparing, cooking and serving numerous fire fighters, police and army, including a Hamburger and Coffee for the NZ Prime Minister.

More than 750 hours and approximately 4000 meals were served by over 50 RRT volunteers from teams in Christchurch, Ashburton and Rangiora. What an amazing and rewarding experience to be able to help out and do our bit to support the Emergency Services in times of need.

Edgecumbe Floods 2017

RRT volunteers provided hope amongst the devastation of the Edgecumbe Floods in April 2017.

Working closely with the Emergency Operation department, RRT were able to quickly set up near the local Fire Station to provide relief to Police, Army, Civil Defence, Fire Crew and any other volunteers on site. A second RRT trailer was soon introduced to help cater for additional numbers. Over 630 meals were provided by our willing team of volunteers.

How can you help?

Make RRT Premium Spring Water your liquid refreshment of choice.

All profits from the sale of RRT water will be donated to our future endeavours with emergency services crews across New Zealand.

Pigeon Valley Fires 2019

The Rapid Relief Team shone in the recent Nelson fires, which started on Tuesday 5 February 2019 and were declared a national emergency by the following morning.